Monday, March 29, 2010

SANS Dublin 2010

Hi Everyone,

I will be running a 6-Day training course in Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling in September - so I wanted to get some advance notice out there.

This is an excellent course - I first studied it myself back in 2006 and can honestly say it has been the most useful security course I have completed by far. Some other courses are all good in theory, but this couse from SANS really is a reflection of what happens in the real world every day (with lots of hands on exercises). If you want to get involved in IT Security (or are already involved and want to round out your skills) - this is course to attend.

All of the details of the course are up on but I'll go through some of the high level details here. If you have any other questions - just comment below or email me at RobertMcArdle[very obvious sign goes here][googles well known email service]

Day 1: Incident Handling - A simple effective step-by-step guide to Incident Handling
Day 2: Reconnaissance & Scanning - The first 2 steps of any attack (using tools like Nmap, Nessus)
Day 3: Network Level attacks - Netcat, Sniffers, Backdoors, etc
Day 4: Gaining Access - Password cracking, SQL injection, XSS, DOS
Day 5: Covering your tracks and putting it all together
Day 6: Capture the Flag :) Full day of trying to gain access to a number of machines - lots of fun, the highlight of the course!

Overall its a blast - I just wanted to give everyone plenty of time to add it to their calendars (its also up on the Security Calendar already)




naganathan said...

Hi, Is there any online facility to look in?

Robert McArdle said...

Hi naganathan,

A detailed description of each day of the course is on the SANS website. The link for Day 1 is here ( ) with the links for the other days down the right hand side.

You can also see a button that will take you through the steps to see a Free Demo of the course.

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